ASOS Is Selling $12 Faux Headphones As A Fashion Accessory, So There’s That

< img src="" > I have actually found it. I have actually discovered the dumbest fashion pattern on the web.

Are you all set for it?

No, truly. Are you ready for it?

Synthetic AirPods. FauxPods, if you will.

For a measly $12, you can buy your extremely own faux earphone ear piece in silver tone. Compared to the $249 a pair of genuine AirPods will set you back, this is a bargain. If you’re not quite rich enough to afford the genuine deal, but you’re far too fancy for routine wired headphones, ASOS has got you covered with the accessory absolutely no one asked for.

Approved, the faux earphone doesn’t really play music, or do * checks notes * anything, however it sure makes you look like a weirdo with a fake headphone in your ear.

I have a couple of concerns.

Firstly, why? Did they purchase a bunch of defective earphones by accident and attempt to sling them off as * style *? Are these the current style trend I’m going to fall for? Do I require one? Two?

Likewise, I would like to know precisely the number of these have offered so far, and I want to speak to anyone who has purchased them.

Made from 100% Zinc, this glossy ear candy looks like a monopoly piece by itself, however in your ear it makes you look like a super-important person on a * service * call.

ASOS are renowned for drawing out some really fucked creations from time to time, from the sheer, nude full-body catsuit to this “belt” that is literally just the top of a pair of jeans. I think the faux headphone probably isn’t the weirdest thing we have actually seen ASOS release.

Unsurprisingly, the synthetic headphones got absolutely roasted on Twitter.

ASOS are offering phony air pops for 6 quid as a style product. I kid you fucking not. Phony AirPods, that don’t play any music. Simply a little bit of plastic stuck in your ear. I can’t even, I just can’t. Why? Why? Why?

— Leigh Edwards (@leighed123) October 4, 2019

cultural effect

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ASOS faux The history
earphone of fashion
ear piece

— Matt Powell (@SweetAsMatt) September 21, 2019

ASOS are offering phony earphones. PHONY HEADPHONES GUYS???????????????? I’m dyin #stoptheworld #asos #lovemusicbuthatehowitsounds

— Jenn Trethewey (@JennTrethewey) September 16, 2019

… Faux headphone ear piece … dreadfully times april fools right ?? @ASOS

— Nicky (@Nic_Younger) September 23, 2019

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