New Self Defense Focussed Module for Your iPhone or Android Phone

Individuals have been requesting me to include more self-defense material on the Grapplearts BJJ Master App.

And, as always, your dream is my command!

The Self Defense Guard– a 2 module training for iPhone and Android— is now the most recent module with the Master App.

I did this training together with BJJ black belt Elliott Bayev.

In it you’ll get the strategies and methods from the bottom of guard that are most beneficial in a real battle. From safeguarding yourself versus strikes, to getting back to your feet, to choking your opponent out or sweeping him and getting on top, it’s all covered here.

The amusing thing is that if you enhance your guard as a self defense tool then you’ll likewise enhance it as a position for BJJ in general. Anything that benefits self-defense is also good BJJ

Here’s a video to offer you a much better sense of what’s included in the Self-defense Guard module …

Now having this information on your phone is an incredibly beneficial format since then you’ll constantly have it with you.

Stuck in line at the bank? Sitting on the bus? Waiting for somebody to complete their shopping so you can go? No issue! Just whip out your phone and enhance your BJJ and self-defense skills!

Notice that I keep stating the word ‘module’ rather of the word ‘app’?

That’s due to the fact that the Self Defense Guard is one of the modules available within my Grapplearts BJJ Master App.

The Grapplearts BJJ Master App is 100% totally free to download.

Once it’s on your phone you can sneak peek every module prior to you make a purchasing choice. And there are more than 457 minutes of complimentary BJJ instruction that come with the BJJ Master App too.

If you’re interested in learning how to use the guard effectively when somebody is above you raining down punches, kicks, headbutts and elbows I would download the Grapplearts BJJ Master App for free right away.

Click on this link to download The BJJ Master App FREE for Apple iPhone and iPad Click on this link to download The BJJ Master App FREE totally free for Android phones and tablets

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Samsung Is Dreaming About The Surface Phone Eye On Windows

Microsoft doesn’t seem too keen on bringing its foldable device to the market in a hurry, but that does not mean that others feel the same. Samsung, for example, is in dream mode right now.

The world leaders in smartphones is exploring a device not too dissimilar to the mythic Surface Phone.

This recently discovered patent (PDF file) shows that the South Korean firm has already looked into this idea, though Samsung seems to be trying to go a different route and do things a bit different from what Microsoft was exploring.

Basically, while Redmond wanted to use a hinge to link together two different foldable displays, Samsung feels that it is much better to rely on magnets.

In other words, the idea is to create a foldable phone that uses two screens, which can not only work separately but combine when needed to provide a bigger screen real estate. The magnet itself will allow for several positions.

As the images below illustrate:

In fact, the magnet can also allow the two displays to be placed back to back to put a screen on each side of the phone. When fully opened and connected to each other, the two displays would essentially power a tablet with a bigger screen and touch input.

The important thing to note here is that each screen would operate independently, having their own processor and storage.

Yes, the bezel provides a challenge, as such device would not just have a single screen from one edge to another. Still, the company plans to make the UI expand on the secondary display in as seamless a manner as possible.

All this to say that while this looks like a truly innovative product, this is still a patent. In other words, it could take years until something like this comes to fruition and hits the market.

This year, though, Samsung and friends want to bring their own, simpler, models to store shelves.

One can only hope Microsoft joins them soon, too.

Samsung is preparing a “killer” budget plan mobile phones Xiaomi

Samsung will present rivals to Xiaomi smartphones at a very low cost, Samsung has never ever been a leader in the market of budget phones, but everything can change dramatically, composes the with reference to

In connection with the pressure Chinese makers to Samsung, the company is forced to turn to the extreme measure and to offer an extremely inexpensive and effective smartphones. We are talking about Galaxy M10 and M20.

Are smart devices the new line of the business. We know the value of smart device and its release date. The phones will be offered in establishing nations, so the possibility that they will appear huge. Galaxy M10 in India will cost 7990 Indian rupees, Galaxy M20– 10990 RS. This is a terrific rate for the hardware that Samsung uses us. Sales M-line will start March 5, and will reveal the gadget as is known to all, January 28.

Both smartphones will receive unrestricted display with a little cutout like on the OnePlus 6T. In the case of M10 it is about 6.2-inch IPS HD display screen, M20 will feature a 6.3-inch with FullHD resolution and IPS technology.

Galaxy M10 will be geared up with Exynos 7872, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of flash memory, will be a variation for 3/32 GB. The battery in the M10 is expected at 3400 mAh, the primary electronic camera is double is (13 + 5 MP) and front 5 MP. These qualities, combined with flagship design will make customers look at Samsung from a various angle.

Galaxy M20 is still a more appealing alternative and a fantastic alternative to Redmi Note 7. The mobile phone will reward Exynos 7904, 3/4 GB of RAM and 4/64 GB of internal memory, the gadget will be the perfect choice for enthusiasts of high autonomy, given that the battery in the M20 will be on 5000 mAh. The main camera, as in M10, double (13 + 5 MP), he will likewise get a port of Type-C and quick charging.

Food Sections – Healthy & Halal Food

Drumstick Cumi adalah salah satu menu lauk dari olahan cumi, ikan, dan tepung roti yang disiapkan khusus bagi Anda pecinta seafood olahan. Dengan pilihan bahan baku seafood yang berkualitas, menjadikan frozen food ini memiliki kelezatan yang akan membuat Anda dan keluarga ketagihan untuk mencobanya.Menu sarapan pagi

yang satu ini disuka oleh kalangan dewasa maupun anak-anak karena rasanya yang lezat dan tekstur isinya yang sangat lembut, balutan tepung rotinya pun ikut menambah gurih dan renyahnya menu bekal anak sekolah ini, ditambah lagi dengan stik bambu yang memudahkan buah hati Anda dalam menyantap Drumstik Cumi.Frozen food dengan kandungan bahan baku cumi dan ikan pilihan ini hadir menjadi solusi, terutama untuk menambah nutrisi protein hewani dari ikan dan cumi bagi buah hati Anda. Kandungan gizi yang ada di dalam produk Drumstick Cumi ini, antara lain:- Asam amino dan protein kompleks yang menyehatkan tubuh serta memperlancar proses regenerasi sel-sel tubuh;-Vitamin dan mineral yang baik untuk membangun sistem imunitas dan metabolisme tubuh;-Mineral seperti zat besi, fosfor, kalsium dan sebagainya, yang baik untuk pertumbuhan anak;-Karbohidrat sebagai penyuplai tenaga untuk menjalankan aktivitas harian Andai;-Kandungan lemak sehat

( Omega-3 dan Omega-6) untuk memperlancar sirkulasi di dalam tubuh Anda.Drumstick Cumi tersedia di dalam kemasan ekonomis 250 gram dimana tiap kemasannya berisi ± 12 pcs produk. Harga produk inipun sangatlah terjangkau sehingga tidak akan menguras kantong dan dompet Anda. Jadi, tunggu apa lagi? Segera pesan dan nikmati kelezatan Drumstik Cumi ini. Berat: 250 gram Isi: ± 12

pcs Cara Memasak: Masukkan dan goreng Drumstick Cumi di dalam minyak panas hingga terbenam sekitar ± 3-5 menit.


Xiaomi Android Go phone is concerning Kenya and you can choose a price today

Xiaomi is understood for offering fantastic phones at budget rates. Today, the device you discover on the most affordable end of the spectrum is the Redmi 6A and with the recent launch of the Redmi Note 7, we anticipate to see a brand-new Redmi 7A

follow up in the not-so-distant future. Typically, the Redmi 7A must take over from the Redmi 6A as the most budget plan phone from the Chinese smartphone supplier in 2019, however this doesn’t seem to be the case, a minimum of based upon a tweet by Xiaomi Kenya. Apparently, the company is lining up a device with much weaker specs compared to what we are used to seeing on the Redmi A series.

A device with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB expandable storage, and a 3000mAh battery is on the cards. Over the current past, we’ve seen gadgets with similar hardware launch with Android Go edition, which implies the upcoming Xiaomi gadget will run Android 9 Pie Go edition, if not Oreo Go edition.

Hi Mi Fans,

How much would you buy a device that is 1 +8 GB working on Snapdragon + loading a 3000 mAH battery?

— Mi Kenya (@Xiaomi_Kenya)

January 15, 2019 This gadget currently got numerous certifications in numerous countries towards completion of 2018 with similar hardware specs, which means it was just a matter of time before it is made authorities. This will be the first Android Go mobile phone from Xiaomi, signing up with the likes of HMD Global/Nokia, Samsung, and Huawei, who currently have devices running this OS.

In the tweet, Xiaomi Kenya wants to know what you ‘d be ready to spend for such a device, with price options of Sh 8,999, Sh 7,999, and Sh 6,999 there to choose from. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mention the release date of the gadget or even what it will be called, however these details ought to be out eventually.

What do you think Xiaomi will call its first Android Go mobile phone? Let us know in your comments listed below

Get the word out on social networks:

Samsung could release collapsible phone with Galaxy S10

A series of happenings from the recent past suggests that Samsung is almost ready to launch its first foldable smartphone to the world.

Just before the SDC event in November 2018, Samsung-centric publication, SamMobile, unearthed details of a certain Samsung phone codenamed SM-F900U. Days later, Samsung teased the foldable phone at its developer event.

Over the past week, Samsung has been putting up teasers for the February 20 event and a set of billboards in Paris particularly caught the attention of fans. The text is in Korean and when part of it is translated, it says “The future unfolds”, a tag line that can easily be associated with the foldable phone.

At the SDC 2018, Samsung also used a related tagline to refer to the foldable phone – “The crossroads between the present and the future” accompanied by a graphic of two lines that unfold into a right-facing arrowhead.

Now, a separate report (translated from Korean) coming from Korea’s The Bell seems to corroborate all previous developments, claiming that the Galaxy F will be launched alongside the Galaxy S10 on February 20. There were fears that Samsung will set separate launch events for the two devices because the foldable phone might take all the attention away from the S10, but according to the report, Samsung is confident that the two devices are a target for different consumers.

Also, the fact that the Galaxy S series sells about 40 million units annually yet Samsung is targeting to produce only 1 million units of the foldable phone makes the latter less of a threat to the success of the S10.

With the foldable phone, Samsung is only targeting to remind the world (read Apple) that it still has something up its sleeve as far as smartphone innovation is concerned. With Cupertino reportedly working on its version of the foldable phone, it will be interesting to actually see how the future unfolds.

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Hidden Phone Tracker to Spy on Android & iPhone Mobiles– TheOneSpy Review.

TheOneSpy is a cross-platform cellular phone monitoring app compatible with both Android and iOS based cellphones. It is among the most reliable spy apps providing lots of powerful features letting the end-user to track online and offline activities carried out on the monitored device. The < a href ="" > spy app is particularly established for moms and dads and companies for genuine monitoring of cell phones utilized and possessed by their kids and workers. The end-user of the spyware software can keep an eye on and control the targeted gadget from anywhere and anytime without letting the target understand. Here we have actually reviewed the Android and iPhone keeping track of app to provide you an insight of this effective concealed phone tracker.

How does TheOneSpy

The mobile phone surveillance application permits moms and dads and companies to track and control the mobile phone devices of their concerned individuals and groups via < g class= "gr _ gr_6 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_disable_anim_appear Grammar only-ins doubleReplace replaceWithoutSep" id =" 6 "data-gr-id=" 6" > online portal of spyware. Once you get the targeted devices set up with spyware software, you can acquire that gadget without taking it into ownership. You just need to log into the online control board of spyware app to keep an eye on targeted cellular phone information and activities. The spy app keeps bring details from the monitored cell phone and uploading it to the online spy panel covertly.

Highlight of
TheOneSpy Android & & iPhone Tracker

We have actually rounded up here the core functions of the cell phone
tracking app that enable the end-user to keep track of and manage Android phone and
iPhones of their kids and employees.

Spy on Social Network

The social media plays a substantial function in teens’
lives. They spend more than 9 hours a day utilizing social messengers such as
Facebook and Snapchat. The Android tracking app enables moms and dads to monitor the
social networks activities of their kids. They can track their kids’ Facebook,
Instagram, Snapchat, Skype, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, IMO, Vine, Hike, Hangout, Tinder,
Kik, Telegram, Tumblr, Zalo, Yahoo messenger and numerous other social networks and
immediate messaging app accounts. Track GPS


Whether you are an employer or parent, you can know the precise existing location of your employees and children with the help of mobile phone spy app. It keeps you updated about the GPS area of your concerned individuals by supplying current GPS area and area history. It likewise lets you mark multiple areas to be informed of your target’s entryway and exit from significant areas.

The mobile phone tracking app records all keystrokes applied
to the targeted device. It includes keylogs of passwords, e-mail addresses and
usernames. The end-user of the spy software application can use these keylogs to carefully
beware the online accounts run on the targeted device.

Screen Capturing

You can catch the real-time cellular phone activities of your kids
and staff members with on-demand screenshots. With a single command sent out through online
control panel, you can make the targeted cellular phone to take multiple screenshots.
These screenshots get submitted to the spy account from where the end-user can see
and download them.

Surround Tracking

The activities performed in the surroundings of the
monitored Android and iPhone can be experienced with spyware app. The end-user of
the security app can operate electronic cameras and microphone of the monitored cell
phone to keep track of and capture surrounding scenes and sounds. You can take images
make videos and record voices to be aware of target’s real-life activities and
events happening in the vicinity of the monitored mobile phone.

Track Web Use

The cell phone tracking app lets you supervise the web
usage of your employees and kids. You can get access to the web surfing
history of their phones immediately published to online control board.

Call Recorder

All inbound and outbound phone calls get recorded and
submitted to the online spy account by the cell phone monitoring software. The
tape-recorded calls can be listened and downloaded from control board.

Message and Email

The text messages, multimedia messages, instant messages and
emails got and sent out via monitored cell phone get uploaded to spy account
to be seen by the end-user.

Non-Jailbreak iPhone
Monitoring Solution

TheOneSpy also uses non-jailbreak iPhone monitoring solution which can track the targeted iPhone without spy app installation and iOS jailbreak. You just require to put iCloud qualifications of the targeted iPhone to control board to begin tracking the device.