iPhone 11: Expected specs, features, price

Apple’s newest iPhone offerings will be revealed on September 10

APPLE. In this file picture, a reporter strolls by an Apple logo design throughout a media occasion in San Francisco, California. Image by Josh Edelson/AFP

MANILA, Philippines– Apple is anticipated to officially reveal the next iPhone, which is said to be called the iPhone 11, on September 10 at their head office in Cupertino, California. Apple fans may not have to wait too long to discover about what the phones are bringing to the table as different leakages and reports have actually offered us some ideas on how their shaping up.

Apple may be as soon as again revealing 3 various iPhone designs. However this year, the business is supposedly debuting the “Pro” moniker for their flagship line of phones. We’re having a look at how each one is forming up below.

The most significant function pertaining to at least two of this year’s iPhones could likely be the brand-new triple rear electronic camera setup. The 2 Pro iPhones are reportedly going to feature 3 rear sensors that can record ultra-wide angle and low light pictures. It can also catch 3 images all at once and combine them together with the assistance of expert system. Some rumors even state that a 4-camera system is in the works.

This details is supported by a recent leakage from China that lists the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the supposed successor to the iPhone XS and XS Max respectively– both having triple 12MP rear electronic cameras. Meanwhile, the iPhone 11, the follow-up to the iPhone XR, will only feature dual 12MP electronic cameras.

In advance, all 3 will presumably have the very same 12MP front-facing cam.

When it concerns display, Apple is believed to be following the exact same formula as in 2015, releasing 2 higher-end models with OLED panels and one with LCD.

If the leakages are to be believed, the iPhone 11 ships with a 6.1-inch LCD show with 1,792 x 828 resolution at 326 pixels per inch; while the iPhone 11 Pro includes a smaller sized 5.8-inch OLED screen with 2,436 x 1,125 resolution at 458 pixels per inch. The iPhone 11 Pro Max has the greatest display among the 3, flaunting a 6.5-inch OLED panel with 2,688 x 1,242 resolution at 458 pixels per inch.

Design-wise, all 3 iPhone designs are not expected to look any different from the previous two generations. The 2 Pro models, nevertheless, might be featuring a matte surface that is made out of “shatter-resistant” glass, which provide it more security when dropped. The current leak from China dubbed it as “frost glass” design.

Apple could also be feature starting with this year’s offerings, according to KGI securities expert Ming Chi Kuo.

3D touch is a technology Apple presented with the iPhone sixes that adds more alternatives with how people engaged with their phones depending upon how hard they touched the screen.

But touch-based interface isn’t going to be entirely gone, as noted by . Apple is said to have developed a new Taptic Engine that improves upon the Haptic Touch innovation from last year’s iPhone XR.

There have actually been some rumors that this year’s iPhones may not have the word “iPhone” printed at the back, but the just recently leaked renders seem to suggest otherwise.

Under the hood, all 3 iPhones are apparently going to be powered by Apple’s fastest chipset yet, the A13. It’s not completely clear at this point how fast and effective it will be, but it might bring some significant upgrades to the electronic camera software application, image editing, enhanced truth, and Siri capabilities.

Both the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are shipping with 6GB of RAM while the iPhone 11 is delivering with 4GB. With concerns to battery life, the iPhone 11 Pro Max will likely last the longest with a 3,500 mAh battery; followed by the iPhone 11 Pro with a 3,190 mAh battery, and rounded out by the iPhone 11 with a 3,110 mAh battery. All designs will also feature Wifi 6, multi-angle Face ID sensor, and reverse cordless charging.

The most budget-friendly among this year’s iPhones is the iPhone 11, which is expected to start at $749, or approximately P39,000, for the version with 64GB of storage. The iPhone 11 Pro, on the other hand, will start at $999, or around P52,100, for the variation with 128GB of storage. Rounding out the trio is the most pricey design, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which will apparently start at $1,099, or about P57,330, for the variant with 128GB of storage.

According to existing online reports, both the iPhone 11 Pro and the 11 Pro Max might not have storage variations lower than 128GB. — Rappler.com

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Facebook database exposes millions of account contact number

Countless Facebook users’ telephone number exposed online, report states

Edward C. Baig

Released 4:55 PM EDT Sep 4, 2019

Another day, another information rupture including Facebook.

The social network might have unintentionally exposed countless phone numbers associated with people’s Facebook accounts, according to a report on TechCrunch.

The online publication states that an exposed server found online “included over 419 million records over a number of databases on users throughout geographies, consisting of 133 million records on U.S.-based Facebook users, 18 million records of users in the U.K., and another with more than 50 million records on users in Vietnam.” TechCrunch added that, missing password defenses, anyone might access the data.

Do you need to purchase a brand-new iPhone? A brand-new iPhone is coming. But no, you do not truly need to pay new-phone prices

Facebook released a declaration to U.S.A. TODAY in which it said, “This dataset is old and appears to know obtained prior to we made modifications last year to remove people’s ability to find others using their telephone number. The dataset has been removed and we have seen no evidence that Facebook accounts were compromised.”

Those changes were addressed as part of a Facebook newsroom post on April 4, 2018, by the business’s Chief Innovation Officer Mike Schroepfer in the after-effects of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the political advertisement marketing firm that worked for President Trump and was associated with the misappropriation of 87 million Facebook users’ data.

File image shows Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as he spoke throughout an interview in Paris, France on May 23, 2018.

” Up until today, people could enter another individual’s phone number or e-mail address into Facebook search to help discover them. This has actually been especially beneficial for discovering your good friends in languages which take more effort to type out a complete name, or where lots of people have the exact same name,” Schroepfer wrote at the time. “Nevertheless, destructive actors have likewise abused these features to scrape public profile information by submitting telephone number or e-mail addresses they currently have through search and account healing. Offered the scale and sophistication of the activity we’ve seen, our company believe many people on Facebook could have had their public profile scraped in this method. So we have now disabled this function.”

Facebook likewise thinks that, since of many duplicates, the overall variety of contact number found online most likely total up to about half of the overall number TechCrunch reported– still, certainly a large amount.

TechCrunch indicated that it verified a variety of records in the database by matching a recognized Facebook user’s contact number versus their listed Facebook ID, and that some records also consisted of the user’s name, gender, and location by country.

Before it was removed, the database was discovered by a security scientist Sanyam Jain, who then called TechCrunch. Jain said that he found profiles associated with stars.

Still unknown is who may have scraped the data.

Facebook has been struck by a series of privacy and information scandals. In July, the business was fined $5 biliion by the Federal Trade Commission, for violating customers’ personal privacy rights.

Email: ebaig@usatoday.com; Follow @edbaig on Twitter

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‘Put your phone away and be in the moment’: how to take pleasure in being a parent|Life and design|The Guardian

Could we decrease in history as the generation that forgot to enjoy our kids? It’s a shocking indictment, but the evidence is mounting: recent research study discovered that moms and dads become better when their kids have left house, while another research study earlier this year found that working moms with 2 kids are 40% more stressed than anybody else. On the other hand, Australian academics report that the pressures on parents mount after a second child, and that there are accompanying wear and tears in moms and dads’ mental health.

And, as a two-year-old might probably tell you, stressed-out, unhappy parents raise stressed-out, dissatisfied offspring. The UK’s yearly Great Youth report, out last month, found there are more unhappy children now than at any point in the past years.

It feels like a great time to ask whether there’s a better method– and good sense tells us that it starts with moms and dads, because if we can discover the joy in raising our kids, our kids are more most likely to find the joy in life. Someplace along the method, parenting became just another task on the list for already tired, up-against-it people.

I’ve looked for the wisdom of some of the world’s leading parenting experts, on how we can rediscover the happiness of raising children at every age. Since who wishes to wait till they’re gone?

The child years

Philippa Perry is a psychotherapist and the author of The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read. She says a significant secret to happier parenting is to merely take “parenting” out of the equation– due to the fact that having an infant is more about being a human being in the throes of establishing a brand-new relationship. And considering it because method will assist you discover the joy in it. “Don’t see a baby as a chore, or parenting him or her as something you have to ‘do’,” she says. “Rather, see the kid as somebody to relate to.” Wonder about your child as a person, and revel in his or her curiosity about you.

You also need to readjust, says psychologist Penelope Leach; it will be tough to discover the happiness in babyhood if you have unrealistic expectations. Leach, the bestselling author of Your Baby And Child, first published in 1977 and out in a brand-new edition next year, says, “The error individuals make is to think they can get ‘back to regular’, but in truth there’s an entire brand-new typical. And once you understand whatever is going to be various, it’s much easier to discover the satisfaction in the new life you have actually got.”

And here’s an important tip from Rosalind Wiseman, whose Queen Bees And Wannabes, which examined female teenhood, was the basis for the 2004 movie Mean Girls: “Stop taking endless photos of your child and publishing them online. Remain in the moment with them and stop seeing them in relation to how you’re going to look on social media. It fans competitive parenting, which is the source of a great deal of unhappiness.”

If you do one thing, do this Know that your child is not an accessory to your life; she or he is a brand-new individual, and together you are forging a relationship that will last a life time.

The preschool period

It’s easy to fall into the trap of stressing that your kid is falling behind, or that they are losing opportunities to get ahead. Nothing is ensured to kill the enjoyable of parenting as quickly as obsessing over how quickly they’re finding out, and how they compare to other kids of your acquaintance. “If you think of what you can gain from your child, rather than what you have to teach them, parenting becomes far better,” states Perry.

Try to live as they do, in today, as much as you can, due to the fact that this is the last time in their youth when they will not be restrained by the stiff schedule of the school day. “The more flexible you can be, the more you’re going to enjoy this stage of their lives,” states Leach. “Not having a stiff idea about how the day will exercise is helpful, if you can do it. So, when you hear the bells on the ice-cream van, stop what you’re doing and go get an ice-cream.”

” We’re in danger of missing our kids in the minute, since we’re in excessive of a rush the whole time,” agrees Perry.

Steve Biddulph, a psychologist best known for his books on raising boys, agrees: “Let’s face it, just how much going after around parks, flying kites or consuming ice-creams on the beach would we do, without kids to do them with?” he asks. “How much belly-laughing and bad joke-telling or scrunching up on the couch?” They’re capable of revealing us how to have a good time, however just if we focus.

Arranging your own devils out always makes your relationship with your child an entire lot much better

If you’re constantly comparing your kid with others, attempt taking a look at yourself instead of your kid for a much better way forward. Competitiveness constantly has its roots in our own insecurities– and valuing children for themselves, rather than in relation to others, is far more likely to help you value them and, in turn, improve their self-esteem.

What is it about your own insecurities that is driving your competitiveness? Arranging your own devils out always makes your relationship with your child a lot better. The therapy I had when I was going through treatment for breast cancer made me understand that I had a right to own my feelings, that I could have a story that was separate from my life as a mom. Comprehending my worries better assisted in the method I engaged with my daughters, which made me a much better moms and dad.

If you do one thing, do this Be open to their way of doing things.

The main school duration

Boundaries are essential, states Perry: however what you require to think of in laying them down is, what’s going to make you pleased? Since if you enjoy, they’re happy. She advises moms and dads to be more truthful with kids of main school age. “If you’re at the play ground and you want to go house, instead of saying: ‘Let’s get you home, you need your tea,’ inform it like it is: ‘Let’s go home now, due to the fact that I’m cold and I’ve had enough.'” Your child, she states, will know what it feels like to be cold, and they want to assist.

A gem from Biddulph is to establish interests that you do one-to-one with them, and make them totally for fun (there may be some learning on the side, but make sure that’s accidental rather than the point). “A child who walks the canine with her dad, for instance, develops a cast-iron self-confidence since she knows ‘me and daddy’ like one another’s company. You require routine times when the great talks happen.”

It’s likewise crucial not to take their criticism personally. Honestly. Kids lay into their moms and dads due to the fact that we’re right there, and we’re simple targets. Practise Teflon parenting: let the criticisms slide off you and you’ll be better.

The most common time for divorce is around 12 years after getting married, so main school is prime time for relationship breaks up. At this phase there’s still a great deal of sturdy parenting to go, and you require to go on enjoying it– for the kids’ sake and yours. Leach’s recommendations is to bear in mind that “simply due to the fact that you found your partner in bed with your friend, it does not imply he– or she– isn’t the great daddy or mum you thought they were”. It might be the hardest ask of your life, however keeping on excellent terms with your ex is the very best recipe for keeping the fun in parenting.

If you do something, do this Make area for your relationship with your child to grow by having regular individually time, doing something you both delight in: no siblings, no partners, just the two of you.

The not-so-terrible teenagers

They’re much reviled, it’s lost: teenagers (like young children) are a high point of parenting for many of us who have been there.

” Among the big delights for me as a parent of teenagers is the realisation that they’re able to do so much to contribute,” states Wiseman. “Among my kids routinely cooks for us, and loves it, and the other will help by going to the shops.”

And there’s so much to enjoy about having a teen, if you’re tuned in to it. “I love their sense of humour, their honesty, their suitable cynicism, their intense viewpoints,” she states. “Teenagers are really fascinating individuals, as long as you do not judge and share an attitude of respect.”

“I liked having a kitchen area full of teenagers,” states Perry, whose child is now 28. As do I today. So find out to delight in the drop-of-a-hat celebrations, the dancing in the cooking area, and the buddies who keep showing up. “Our kids give us a connection right back into the juice and strength of being alive,” states Biddulph. “We’re creaking, dried-up worriers, and they are straight from the heart of life.”

If you do one thing, do this Be clear about your own requirements, as well as theirs– it’s a two-way street.

All matured

“My parents constantly believed they were the grown-ups and we were the children, even when we remained in our 50s,” states Perry. “However with my child I don’t: I feel we’re both adults. And she helps me such a lot– she keeps me approximately date.” I second that: would I be listening to Loyle Carner, attempting barre classes, offering my clothes on Depop or drinking kombucha if I didn’t have adult kids?

They also go on to lead amazing lives that you can dip into: my oldest child, 27, lives by a canal in Amsterdam, which gives me an excuse for weekends away. Their world opens your world, expanding the horizons of your midlife.

There’s one caveat, cautions Perry. “The something you constantly need to keep in mind is that your opinion matters more to them than anyone else’s.”

If you do one thing, do this Respect the adults they have actually ended up being. It’s not about telling them what to do anymore, if indeed it ever was. And you certainly can’t change them now.

If you would like a talk about this piece to be considered for addition on Weekend magazine’s letters page in print, please email weekend@theguardian.com, including your name and address (not for publication).

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Substantial Facebook leak exposes 400 MILLION users’ telephone number|Daily Mail Online

December 2018: Facebook comes under fire after a bombshell report found the company permitted over 150 companies, including Netflix, Spotify and Bing, to access unmatched amounts of user data, such as personal messages.Some of these’partners ‘had the ability to check out, compose, and erase Facebook users’ personal messages and to see all participants on a thread. It likewise enabled Microsoft’s search engine, known as Bing, to see the name

of all Facebook users’good friends without their consent.Amazon was permitted to obtain users’ names and contact details through their buddies,

and Yahoo might view streams of buddies’ posts.As of in 2015, Sony, Microsoft, and Amazon could all get users’ email addresses through their friends.September 2018: Facebook disclosed that it had been struck by its worst ever information breach, affecting 50 million users- consisting of those of Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg

and COO Sheryl Sandberg.Attackers exploited the website’s’View As’feature, which lets people see what their profiles look like to other users. Facebook says it has actually found no evidence’up until now ‘that hackers got into third-party apps after an information breach exposed 50 million users(stock image)The unknown opponents made the most of a function in the code called ‘Access Tokens, ‘to take over individuals’s accounts, possibly giving hackers access to private messages, images and posts -although Facebook stated there was no proof that had actually been done. The hackers likewise attempted to gather people’s private information, including name, sex and hometown, from Facebook’s systems.Facebook stated it doesn’t yet know if details from the affected accounts has actually been misused or accessed, and is dealing with the FBI to conduct further investigations.However, Mark Zuckerberg ensured users that passwords and charge card info was not accessed.As a result of the breach, the company logged approximately 90 million

individuals out of their accounts earlier today as a security measure.March 2018: Facebook made headlines previously this year after the information of 87 million users was incorrectly accessed by Cambridge Analytica, a political consultancy.The disclosure has actually prompted government queries into the company’s privacy practices throughout the world, and sustained a’ #deleteFacebook ‘movement among consumers.Communications firm Cambridge

Analytica had offices in London, New York, Washington, along with Brazil and Malaysia.The business boasts it can’find your voters and move them to action’through data-driven projects and a group that includes information scientists and behavioural psychologists.’Within the United States alone, we have actually played a critical role in winning governmental races as well as congressional and state elections,’ with data on more than 230 million American citizens, Cambridge Analytica declares on its website.The business made money from a feature that indicated apps might request permission to access your own data in addition to the information of all your Facebook friends.The data company suspended its president, Alexander Nix(imagined), after recordings

emerged of him making a series of controversial claims, consisting of boasts that Cambridge Analytica had a critical

role in the election of Donald Trump This implied the company was able to mine the details of 87 million Facebook users even though simply 270,000 people gave them approval to do so.This was designed to help them produce software application that can predict and influence citizens’options at the ballot box.The information firm suspended its president, Alexander Nix, after recordings emerged of him making a series of questionable claims, including boasts that Cambridge Analytica had

an essential function in the election of Donald Trump.This details is said to have been utilized to help the Brexit project in the UK.It has actually likewise suffered numerous previous issues.In 2013, Facebook disclosed a software defect that exposed 6 million users’phone numbers and email addresses to unapproved audiences for a year, while a technical glitch in 2008 exposed confidential birth-dates on 80 million Facebook users’ profiles.

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Fraudsters targeted my phone account and chauffeur’s licence in a brand-new kind of identity theft – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).


September 07, 2019 05:41:38

“Ping” went my phone, late one night. A message from my phone business saying my order was on its way.That’s unusual, I believed. I didn’t recall ordering anything.

It was the first indication I ‘d lost control of my identity– and as it turns out I’m most likely never getting it back.Do you understand where your motorist’s licence is right now? It’s probably hidden in your wallet or bag, safe from criminals.But if you have actually ever hired an automobile, scheduled a flight or hotel online, signed up for a government service or simply left your mailbox unlocked, your information could currently be in the wrong hands.And in Australia, driver’s licences can be used to make an application for tens of thousands of dollars in bank loans and telephone accounts, access government advantages, or even obtain more identity files like passports– all in your name.

Do you understand more about this story? Contact Rebecca Trigger

The fraud starts with an Apple Watch

A regular online buyer, I thought the late night text was strange however I didn’t panic.The following early morning I called my telco, who informed me an Apple View with connected expensive data strategy was on its way.When the order was placed, it was assigned to my pre-existing account due to the fact that some information wed up with what they currently had in the system.I headed into a store to be determined and they managed to cancel the$1,000

order.Just in time, it was returned to the storage facility and out of the clutches of burglars

.”Phew, “I thought.”That’s all arranged”. Locating the fraud house But as a reporter, who likes to know why and how things happen

, it was tough to let the fraud lie.How had these people got enough of my details to fool my telephone company into thinking they were me?My telco provided me a copy of the contract taken out in my name and– prize– it had the desired shipment address on it.Records showed your house where

the watch was heading was owned by the State Housing Commission, purchased in 2003. When I arrived I found a nondescript brick house with a tin

roofing near Perth’s entertainment district of Northbridge. A chat to street citizens let me understand it was some sort of halfway house.A bloke out

the front on the terrace having a coffee and rolling a cigarette told me it was a place for individuals who have nowhere else to go– lawbreakers simply launched from jail, hoping to get back on the straight

and narrow.He stated 3 people were presently remaining in the home, however guests reoccured.”Yeah, always, in and out all the time,”he said.Another resident informed me he did send out back a package, addressed to a lady, that got to your house a while back.He thought it was odd as it is a men-only residence.So the fraudster could have been someone who used to

live there. Or somebody who was living there, but has actually given that moved on.’They’ll opt for whatever ‘Somebody from my phone company’s fraud department called me a few weeks after it happened.They had actually looked into my case and identified I was an authentic victim.

The Apple Watch agreement was cancelled. The valuable scams private investigator told me my chauffeur’s licence number, name and date of birth were used by the scammer to put the order.But when the

phone company emailed the contract out to the person who positioned the order, they gave the criminal my cellphone number– another piece of my valuable individual data gifted to them.The contract likewise contained my house address, which was troubling

. This person, or these individuals, now know where I live.The private investigator provided me some great recommendations– the wrongdoers won’t stop.

“They’ll choose everything,” she said.She informed me to examine my credit rating to see what else they had tried.Minding my own’Buisness ‘Pulling a copy of my credit report exposed another account in my

name with another phone company.The address of the ex-prisoners’halfway home had actually been included to my credit file, as had a former company: Masters Buisness(sic)Support.I was a little offended that individuals now would think I worked for a company

which misspelled its own name.I attempted calling the second phone business but they would not provide me any information of the account– paradoxically since I could not show that I

was Rebecca Trigger.I needed to submit a statutory declaration, copies of my cops report and copies of my identity documents to prove I was the real me. Pretty surreal.How did this occur, and can it occur to you?I suspect, though I’m not particular, someone obtained my driver’s licence number by taking a renewal notification from my letterbox.The WA Department of Transportation informed me a tip notice was published out in late May

. The fraud took place in early June.Your licence renewal notice includes your driver’s licence number, date of birth and address.But this whole legend likewise made me evaluate where I had actually used my driver’s licence to show my identity.Some online flight and hotel reservation systems, specifically overseas, need you to supply an identity document such as a motorist’s licence.They are also used to

employ cars and trucks, something I did routinely on

a recent work transfer in Sydney.And if the continuous reports of data-breaches at major business is anything to pass, this digital details is

typically far from secure.How can I fix this?Trying to claw back my identity has actually up until now taken about 20 hours of my life, numerous journeys to federal government departments and prolonged call that all have to happen during organisation hours, when I’m at work.Luckily, after composing this piece, I can inform my editor it’s all work-related. However it’s a hell of an inconvenience.And it leaves

you feeling vulnerable, something that for me is unlikely to change soon.I’m going to stay exposed for the rest of my life, since in WA you are not enabled to alter your driver’s licence number even if it ends up in the hands of criminals.According to not-for-profit trans-Tasman nationwide identity and cyber support service IDcare, the most typical method wrongdoers get your identity details is by taking from your mailbox or your home.IDcare recommends making certain your mailbox is locked

and, where possible, scheduling alternative methods of getting qualifications and statements.They also advise: You likewise can and should get a restriction on your credit file, which stops anyone from making an application for bank loans, phone accounts

and other types of credit in your name. Although to do this you need to contact the 3 main credit information firms in Australia separately.They also ask you to send in digital copies of 100 points of ID, which having simply knowledgeable identity scams you might not want floating through the system in a quickly transferrable format.Victims who do not wish to send out the credit reporting firms their Medicare card, for example, are left not able to enact a credit ban.The dark side of simple finance approval The issue with the way the system is set up is it puts the onus on us, the consumer, to take some pretty remarkable steps to remain ahead of the criminals.The ease of using for phone plans and loans online using just a licence number and date of birth most likely assists telcos and banks get a lot of customers.But as I discovered, it leaves us consumers vulnerable to exploitation.If your identity is taken: The Telecommunications Ombudsman has determined cellphone number theft as a significant problem and recommended providers reinforce identify

verification procedures.Banks and the credit reporting firms could also make improvements so that lines of credit can’t be opened with a single identity file, or just the information from this document.As more of our lives browse the web, identity criminal offense is not going away and the data show it.In 2007 3.1 per cent of Australians

had experienced identity scams of some kind, but by 2014– 15 it had actually jumped to 6.4 per cent.New statistics are due out soon and I will not be surprised if

there’s another rise.It may be time to purchase that padlock for your mail box. Mine is currently in place.

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