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How to Quickly Search a Website Using Shortcuts on iPhone and iPad

Apple’s Shortcuts app is as powerful as you want to make it, and it can do some incredible things if you know how to wrangle it. You can also use it for some super simple things, like searching a website for text.

If you find yourself needing to search a website for something regularly, then you’re no doubt familiar with the site search operator. Head to Google—or use the address bar—and enter “ keywords” to search that site. Searching the How-To Geek website for Shortcuts, for example, would require “ shortcuts” and you’ll be rewarded with the results.

It isn’t a complicated process, but it’s cumbersome to type out every time. That brings us to Shortcuts. And don’t worry, if you want to skip to the end and download the shortcut, that’s fine, too.

How to Create a Shortcut to Search a Website

As Shortcuts go, this one’s pretty simple. It consists of two variables and a text box, and it needs just four actions to function.

To get started, open Shortcuts and tap the little “+” icon at the top-right of the screen.

Next, search for “Ask for Input” and tap it. Do this twice to create two actions.

Enter some text into the two new actions. These will be popups that ask you for the site you want to search, and then the keywords to use. See the screenshots for examples.

Next up, search for a “Text” action and tap it. Enter “site:” and then tap the magic variable button.

Select the first of the two input actions we created earlier.

Now type a space, and then select another magic variable. This time, select the second text input we created earlier.

Finally, search for a “Search Web” action and tap it.

And that’s all there is to it. Run your shortcut, and you will be amazed. It’s like magic!

You can run the shortcut from the Shortcuts app, access it via a widget, or add it to your home screen.

Alternatively, you can access and download the same shortcut here. Do this if you want to compare the shortcut you created with the original, especially if you’re having any problems.

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How to unlock Facebook Messenger dark mode on Android and iOS

facebook messenger dark mode

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode − How to enable it on Android and iOS right now

Facebook Messenger dark mode has arrived − but it’s currently hidden. The social media firm announced that the feature was on its way to Messenger all the way back in May 2018 and, almost a year on, it’s finally here. However, you have to enable it.

To access Facebook Messenger dark mode on the latest versions of Messenger for iOS and Android, you have to send the crescent moon emoji (🌙) to one of your Facebook friends in a Messenger chat.

A load of crescent moon emoji will then cascade down your screen and a popup message will appear at the top of the chat, reading: “You Found Dark Mode! Be one of the first to try the new dark Messenger background.”

The popup prompts you to dive into the Facebook Messenger settings menu, where you’ll see a dark mode toggle.

As you’d expect, dark mode switches Facebook Messenger’s colour theme from white and blue to a far more eye-friendly black and grey − ideal for when you’re messaging people in bed at night. It’s a feature that users have been crying out for some time.

“One of the most highly anticipated features from the launch of Messenger 4, dark mode is a sleek new look that goes easy on the eyes by switching the background from white to black,” Bridget Pujals, Facebook Messenger’s product manager, wrote in a blog post in early March.

“Messenger’s dark mode provides lower brightness while maintaining contrast and vibrancy. Dark mode cuts down the glare from your phone for use in low light situations, so you can use the Messenger features you love no matter when or where you are.”

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode − Desktop

It isn’t clear when dark mode will come to the desktop, but Facebook has called its emoji unlock promo a “limited-time only experience”, and that Facebook Messenger dark mode “will be fully rolled out in settings in the coming weeks”.

It appears that dark mode will arrive as part of a wider Facebook Messenger redesign. The social media firm seems determined to simplify the app, which has become bloated and not especially nice to use over recent years.

Read more: How to delete an Instagram account

This has seen the popularity of Messenger Lite − a pared-down version of Messenger − rise pretty spectacularly. When the full redesign drops, the Messenger home screen will look much cleaner, with conversations and friends given pride of place.

What do you think of Facebook Messenger dark mode? Share your thoughts on Twitter @TrustedReviews.

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On Women in Tech and Feminism.

I am tired to always be the only woman in the room. Well, almost always. Sometimes there is another woman. But usually in a meeting with 15/20 people, I will end up being the only woman. Does not matter where I go either: France, Spain, Italy, Nordics, Germany, UK, USA. Just one exception, at least that’s the way it was a few years ago when I was at IBM: Turkey (that surprises you, he?). In Turkey, there were a lot of women in IT, and this at all levels in the hierarchy. My company (WSO2) is pretty good too, around 1/3 of our engineers are women.

I recently went through the Frankfurt airport and visited the Business Lounge. It was packed, like 300 people. For some reason, it hit me: there were about 10 women in that huge room.

Few months ago, I was presenting at a conference in Spain. Journalists who were covering the event wanted an interview, and their first question was: “How come you’re the only woman presenting at this conference?”

This sucks. Bad time. When and where are we loosing 51% of the population ??! in IT careers. Where can I go, if not to this conference, to finally find a whole group of women working in IT. I would need to state clearly my intentions if I go! but I am sure it would be loads of fun 🙂

My experience though is that once you have proven in that meeting you know what you’re talking about, the respect you get is the same than if you were a man. Never have I faced a professional who would treat me differently because I was a woman. So the problem is not to be there, the problem is how to get there.

I love that campaign about #LikeAGirl. May be that’s when it starts:  working in technology is not  a “girl thing”, it’s a boy thing, and we loose most of people there.  The quote below comes from this article.

James Gross, a psychology professor at Stanford University, has a 13-year-old daughter who loves math and science. It hasn’t occurred to her yet that that’s unusual, he says. “But I know in the next couple of years, it will.”

I want to live in a world where girls can do what they want and not being restricted by social barriers or judged by not being “in the norm”. I like to work with my hands and build stuff, I like technology as I find it fascinating (it’s shaping the world we live in), I like to drive fast cars with plenty of torque, or fly a drone. I like to jump into conversations where nobody expects a woman to bring any value: I once explained to an Italian F1 fan what the  coanda effect  was, you should have seen his face. Priceless.

My take is that this is a manipulation of men to make sure we don’t get to play with their toys. Girls/Ladies, it’s a load of fun and very rewarding IMO to work with your hands. Yes, you’ll break a nail or two, don’t worry, they grow back 🙂 Try it and if you don’t like it, then leave it. But don’t restrict yourself just because somebody says so. And don’t think you can’t do it , because you’re not a man. There a very few things in this world a woman cannot do, and those are mainly related to physical strength. But being a carpenter or learning technology, there are no parts of the human anatomy that only men have required to do any of those things. You’ve equal chances than a man to be good or bad at it.

By the way, the same social pressure applies to men: you are expected to know things when you’re a man, for example changing a car wheel. You would not believe how many of my friends who would be in great trouble if they had to do that (and no, another cliché, most of them are not gay…). Same applies to knowing how to read a map or follow directions.

I see you coming: another of those feminists. I am not a feminist, at least not in the sense most people think about feminism. I like the feminism defended by Isabel Allende. I like the causes worth fighting for she describes in that talk.

I am for equal rights, across the board. I hate quotas, even if I can understand it’s a way to give people a chance they would not otherwise get, but I think positive discrimination as this is often called, is actually not serving women at all. When a woman is promoted, there is this little thing bothering many: “if she had not been a woman, would she have been promoted?” and even if everybody recognizes you’re brilliant and deserve it, there is this slight doubt hanging in there.That’s why I am saying I am for equal rights: same salary for all, same opportunities for all. The fact that some companies still pay women less for the same job just drives me nuts. There is no way to justify that.

But I am drifting away from the original topic: women in tech. Let’s work with the young generations and educate girls and boys so that in 20 years from now, I can look at this text again and hopefully see some progress. Happy to volunteer to help change that!

I can promise you that women working together – linked, informed and educated – can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet.

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10 Best Live Cricket Score Apps For Android 2019 « 3nions

In India, it is said that cricket is not just a sport, but its a religion. As during matches, especially when there is an Indian match, people just get glued to their television sets so that they don’t miss any of the updates! And even after watching the whole match without leaving any bits, some people still prefer to watch the match highlights too! Which simply means that even after a match or tournament ends the cricket fever stays forever. Also if you are an Indian then there are high chances that you might have seen people queued outside shops just to watch a cricket match! This is the amount of passion we have for cricket. And I am sure this cricket fever runs in many other countries too. The foremost reason being cricket never rests, there is something or the other going on. As the stadiums are never empty they are filled with fans and players throughout the year. But, with so many different matches and tournaments, how to know every score update without damaging your television sets? Well, you can do it on your smartphone with live cricket score apps! As there are an enormous amount of apps on the Google Play Store which covers you with constant updates from the cricket world. So, during a nail-biting cricket match if your TV decides to ditch you, or you are working late in the office, or you just have some accessibility issues, then don’t worry we have got you covered. As here is a list of 10 Best Live Cricket Score Apps For Android that will fill you with every update and won’t let your cricket fever to go down!

Best Live Cricket Score Apps For Android:

1. Cricbuzz – Live Cricket Scores & News

If you are a cricket lover then there are chances you might have already installed the Cricbuzz app. As the app is all about live cricket news and scores. Now, not just limited to that but the app also covers ball-by-ball commentary in an engaging style. You also get exclusive video content and match highlights video. With extensive coverage of all International cricket including other major cricket tournaments too. In addition, one also get, analysis by Harsha Bhogle and other cricket experts with daily articles! Also, not just current matches but the app also provides archives of all cricket matches going back to the 1950s. So, download Cricbuzz app and follow live cricket and everything else related to cricket!

Main Features:

2. ESPNCricinfo – Live Cricket Scores, News & Videos

ESPNCricinfo is an app which provides all the action from the world of cricket right to your Android devices. As the app brings updates on every move that happens in a match. Be it, live scores, ball-by-ball commentary, updates, alerts, and so much more. In addition, the app also renders a personalized feed where you can follow your favorite cricket teams to get a tailormade experience of the app. Now, apart from this, you also get cricket videos and experts opinions for that perfect buzz. So, download ESPNCricinfo app and get all the live news from International Cricket to IPL, BPL, BBL, CPL, Cricket world cup, County Championship, Ranji Trophy, Sheffield shield, and much more.

Main Features:

3. Yahoo Cricket App – Lightning Fast Scores

If you are a cricket fan and you want to enjoy cricket with real-time updates, rich content and much more, then Yahoo Cricket App is a one-stop destination for you. As the app provides with quickest score updates and ball-by-ball commentary with great infographics. Also, don’t worry if you missed a special moment during a match. As the app has a unique ‘Moments You Missed’ feature which shows significant events from various matches. Now, in addition to all this, the app also provides with in-depth analysis and interesting stats to make your live cricket experience even better. So, download Yahoo Cricket App and get exclusive notifications for all important match events of your favorite teams and many such more.

Main Features:

4. Live Cricket Score 2019

Live Cricket Score 2019 as the name suggests is an app which provides live updates, news, tips & trivia, player statistics, latest videos and many such more. Now, going in details, the app brings one of the fastest updates on all the cricket activities around the world and extensive coverage including news, videos, and photos. Apart from this, the app renders an exclusive feature of “Score Prediction”. Where you can predict score just like in the one you see at sports channels. For doing so, enter any number between 0 to 36 including two decimals and the app’s algorithms will calculate and reply you with the expected score within a fraction of seconds. So download,  Live Cricket Score 2019 and get details about any innings played in day/night as the app is functional for 24 hours.

Main Features:

5. Cricket Line Guru: Fast Live Line

Cricket Line Guru is an app which will bring to you all the live cricket score updates on your Android devices with just a few taps. Also, not just the scores, but the app also renders intuitive and highly engaging ball-by-ball updates and voice commentary. In addition, one also get alerts and notifications for live matches and real-time scores. Also, not just for live matches but the app also provides scoreboard of past cricket matches too. Now, apart from this, through the app, you can even win prizes! For that, you need to participate in polls and predict the winner. If your prediction is correct then rewards are yours, as simple as that. So, watch, play, and win only with the Cricket Line Guru app.

Main Features:

6. T20 LIVE cricket Scores

T20 LIVE cricket Scores, as the name suggests, is an app which provides live cricket scores to your Android devices with the fastest speed. The app covers popular Twenty20 tournaments, ODI and Test Cricket matches. In addition, one also gets information about cricket news and cricket events happening around. Apart from this, the app also supports LIVE score push via Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) which will be perfect on your Android devices. So, in all T20 LIVE cricket Scores is a great app which concentrates on the main live score part and has less muddle with clean UI.

Main Features:

7. Live Cricket Score 2019 – schedule & Cricket NEWS

Now, if you are tired of just reading or seeing about cricket all day, then with Live Cricket Score 2019, you can play cricket doodle games to release up your stress a little. Also, not just for playing cricket but the app is pretty beneficial otherwise too. As it also provides with live cricket updates with news and ball-to-ball commentary. So, even though it doesn’t cover much, but the app still has a clean UI and is perfect for those who just want to know cricket scores in a simplifies manner. In addition, the app also renders Cricket Quotes that one can share directly from the app on their social networking sites without any hassle. So, in all Live Cricket Score 2019 is a fun app which not only provides with cricket scores but also includes entertaining games too.

Main Features:

8. Cricket Mazza Live Line

Get ball-to-ball live score with every latest news update on your fingertips only with the Cricket Mazza Live Line app. The app provides a complete package about the whole cricket set up with various cricket match information like the scorecard, latest cricket updates, latest news and updates of matches. Apart from this, the app also incorporates an unbeatable coverage of cricket matches, match schedules, videos of played matches, exclusives, opinions and much more. In addition, the app can also serve as a source of information for cricket fans as it gives valuable cricket information on significant topics. So, download Cricket Mazza Live Line app and get 360 degrees cricket entertainment from around the globe.

Main Features:

9. Cricnwin: Live Cricket Scores ,Play,Chat with Fans

Cricnwin is an all-in-one cricket app which not only provides you with live cricket scores but through this app, one can also win a number of rewards too. As the app has a prediction based cricket game, where you need to answer multiple questions based on upcoming events of a live cricket match. And if your predictions are right then the rewards are definitely yours. But make sure you answer before the questions expire as live matches wait for none. So, why just watch? When you can watch and win at the same time! Now, coming to the main part, the app renders best live cricket score experience along with the commentary, and highlights of the match that you missed. In addition, they also cover news, events, videos, and much more. So, download Cricnwin and make your cricket match more interesting with the unique prediction game and play along with your friends!

Main Features:

10. UC Cricket – Live Cricket Scores, News & Videos

UC Cricket as one can guess by the name is a part of one of the most popular UC browser app. But apart from UC browser, UC cricket is all concentrated on live cricket scores, news, videos and everything else related to Cricket! The app provides ball-by-ball coverage of all international cricket matches (Test, ODI, and T20), Indian Premier League (IPL), ICC Cricket World Cup, Champions League T20, Big Bash, and other major domestic tournaments. Not just coverage, but one also get news, photos, videos, and cricket highlights in a most detailed form. So, download UC Cricket and get full scoreboards, complete information about players, rankings, and much more.

Main Features:

So, above were the 10 Best Live Cricket Score apps that you can download on your Android devices without any hassle. Now, the apps that are mentioned in the list, not just provide you with live scores but it also coves a wide range of other factors too. Such as news, photos, videos, and in some you can also get highlights of the special comments that you missed in a match. Apart from the updates, some of the mentioned apps also have a gaming section where you can even win real-time rewards by answering simple cricket questions!

So, tell us in the comment box below which app you prefer the most. And also don’t forget to share this article on social media too with all your cricket lover friends.

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Happy April Fools’ Day 2019: T-Mobile’s Phone BoothE, Hyper’s Ultimate Ultimate Hub, LEGO’s Find My Brick App, and More

The calendar has once again turned over to the first of April, and that means that April Fools’ Day pranks will be running rampant online for the next day or so. With that in mind, as you browse the internet today you should be very wary of everything you read, particularly regarding any stories or announcements by major brands.

As a point of comparison, last year companies teased their customers with tennis shoes that had smartphone features (T-Mobile), socks that could control your TV (Roku), and beer that made you fluent in another language (Duolingo). This year you can expect the usual companies to join in on the pranks, potentially including Google, Netflix, T-Mobile, and more.

April 1, 2019 is also the 43rd anniversary of Apple, founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976. Apple products and services are usually targets of April Fools’ Day pranks, but the company itself doesn’t typically go all out for the event, besides a few humorous jokes sometimes added to Siri.

Check out the highlights from this year’s April Fools’ Day hoaxes in the list below.

T-Mobile Phone BoothE

T-Mobile is again fighting one of the so-called pain points of the wireless industry with the launch of the Phone BoothE, a completely sound-proof and high-tech phone booth that lets T-Mobile customers escape from noisy areas to make their phone calls. Inside the Phone BoothE you can charge your devices, connect to a smart screen called “Magenta Pages” to mirror your smartphone display, and adjust the lighting to take great selfies.

In regards to the name, T-Mobile is taking a shot at AT&T’s misleading 5GE label: “The Phone BoothE is an evolution towards the new world of mobility. Like many in the tech and wireless industry today, we decided that by adding an “E” to the name, you would know it’s a real technology evolution.”

“It’s 2019 and people are walking around with a finger in their ear, trying to have a conversation! The T-Mobile Phone BoothE solves this problem,” said John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile.

“The whole point of having a mobile phone is so you can converse on the go, but there are certain conversations that call for privacy. This is a major evolution in how we think about mobility – now the busiest street corner can be your cellular sanctuary.”

Although this is an April Fools’ Day joke, T-Mobile has actually built the Phone BoothE and deployed them in select locations around New York City, Seattle, and Washington, DC, where anyone will be able to use them. The company on Monday also revealed the T-Mobile Phone BoothE Mobile EditionE, which is more in line with a straightforward April Fools’ Day hoax, as it’s “literally a magenta cardboard box with a hole in it.”

It’s not unprecedented for T-Mobile to follow through on its April Fools’ Day prank with a real product. Last year, the company rebooted the T-Mobile Sidekick in the form of a shoe that could make calls and communicate with nearby Sidekicks with “toe tap” technology. Of course, the version T-Mobile actually sold to customers for $65 was just a basic lookalike shoe that lacked any connected features.

HyperDrive Ultimate Ultimate Hub

Hyper has revealed a new USB-C hub for users frustrated with the lack of port diversity on modern Apple notebooks, which goes above and beyond any USB hub ever built and includes 40 total ports. This hub features 9 USB-A ports, 9 USB-C ports, 2 microSD ports, 2 SD ports, one audio jack, one HDMI port, and one Ethernet port.

That’s not all, because the HyperDrive Ultimate Ultimate Hub also features a 3.5″ floppy disk drive, a built-in airline-safe battery, a 2-in-1 speaker and space heater, one VGA port, and much more. Hyper says that the hub is regularly offered at a price of $9,999.99, but for a limited time it’s on sale for $99.99.

Nanoleaf Light Panes

Nanoleaf, the company behind the HomeKit-connected Aurora wall panels, has announced its latest lighting product: the Nanoleaf Light Panes. The solar-powered Light Panes use the company’s SunSync technology and LOYW (Look Out Your Window) software architecture to provide a hyper-realistic representation of the sun’s glow based on your location, resulting in a high-tech version of a basic window.

The Light Panes are modular and come in squares, hexagons, and triangles, which the company says will fit into any home decor. The new product also has a companion accessory called the Nanoleaf Curtain, which lets you customize colors, brightness levels, and provides real-time scheduling. Nanoleaf says the Light Panes are launching in winter 2019 and will be priced at $299.99.

Duolingo Push

Duolingo is addressing a problem for subscribers this month with a new push notification update called Duolingo Push. Instead of sending basic iOS push notifications that users can easily ignore, the company has a new premium feature that causes its owl mascot, Duo, to show up wherever you are in an effort to encourage you to complete your language lesson for the day.

Duo reminders include “Disappointed Duo” at $100/month, “Passive Aggressive Duo” at $50/month, and “Encouraging Duo” at $25/month. The company says that with any of these tiers, Duo is guaranteed to show up anywhere you’re located, be it at work, at the gym, or at home.

Shutterstock’s Brick-and-Mortar Library

Shutterstock has revealed plans to build its first brick-and-mortar stock image library to house all of the content that you can find on the company’s traditional website. This includes over 250 million volumes of imagery, a full floor that will showcase over 14 million reels of film, and a listening bay where visitors can enjoy over 20,000 songs, all of which will include Shutterstock’s well-known visual and audio watermarks.

Shutterstock says image collections that you can browse at the library include “Happy Millenials Holding Sparklers,” “Tube Sock Vectors: An Anthology,” and “Portraits of Disgruntled Ostriches.” The library will be run by a group of AI robots called Cyanotypes, and construction on the Brooklyn location is expected to begin in 2020. The tagline for the Shutterstock physical library is: “Because sometimes innovation means moving backwards.”

Microsoft Bans April Fools’ Day Pranks

In a bit of counter-programming, Microsoft this year has completely banned its employees from taking part in any public-facing April Fools’ Day stunts that can be connected to the company.

In a letter circulated inside Microsoft and seen by The Verge, Microsoft marketing chief Chris Capossela explained the strategy:

Hey everyone,

It’s that time of year when tech companies try to show their creativity with April Fools’ Day stunts. Sometimes the outcomes are amusing and sometimes they’re not. Either way, data tells us these stunts have limited positive impact and can actually result in unwanted news cycles.

Considering the headwinds the tech industry is facing today, I’m asking all teams at Microsoft to not do any public-facing April Fools’ Day stunts. I appreciate that people may have devoted time and resources to these activities, but I believe we have more to lose than gain by attempting to be funny on this one day.

Please forward to your teams and internal partners to ensure people are aware of the ask to stand down on external April Fools’ Day activities.

It appears that Microsoft is hoping to lead the way in changing the tide of April Fools’ Day pranks within the tech industry, but as of this year many of the usual suspects have still performed their expected pranks.

Parody Apple Ad: “The Sound Gardener”

Filmmakers Ryan Westra and Ben Fischinger have created a cute faux Apple ad called “The Sound Gardener,” which reveals the behind-the-scenes process that Apple goes through to produce AirPods at one of its ultra-secret facilities.

In the commercial, it’s revealed that AirPods are grown in a lush garden environment by sound gardener and botanist Ken Yamamoto. The botanist waters and studies the AirPods as they grow, and then plucks them from various flora when they’re ready.

LEGO “Find my Brick” iOS App

LEGO has taken inspiration from Apple’s Find my iPhone app with its April Fools’ Day joke this year, dubbed “Find my Brick.” With the app, you can select the brick style and color you’re looking for and use your iPhone’s camera to automatically find it, even among a giant pile of bricks.

The long search is finally over… 📱 #FindMyBrick

— LEGO (@LEGO_Group) April 1, 2019

The LEGO Twitter account notes that the app is “coming soon,” but LEGO enthusiasts shouldn’t get their hopes up because this is just the company’s April Fools’ Day prank for 2019.

Other Pranks, Jokes, and Hoaxes

We’ll update this post in the event that any other noteworthy April Fools’ Day announcements appear online.

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Facebook lets you look up profiles by phone number provided for 2FA

Facebook won’t let users opt out of a feature that lets people look up profiles using phone numbers provided for security reasons
Facebook won’t let users opt out of a feature that allows them to be searched by phone numbers provided for two-factor authentication, TechCrunch first reported. Facebook repeatedly asked users to set up the security feature using their phone number before changing the requirement in May 2018. Now, users have realized that number can be used to look up their profiles and target them with advertisements.
Lauren Feiner | @lauren_feiner Published 9:07 AM ET Mon, 4 March 2019 Updated 11:31 AM ET Mon, 4 March 2019

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