Disgraced Lostprophets vocalist Ian Watkins gets more prison time after hiding phone in anus

Almost 6 years earlier, Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins was sentenced to 29 years in prison for absolutely repellent sexual offenses. Now, he’ll be serving much more time after being found guilty of hiding a phone in his anus.Back in December 2012, the Welsh singer was charged with such revolting criminal offenses as conspiracy to participate in sex with a 1-year-old girl, circulation of indecent pictures of kids, and ownership of severe animal pornography.He eventually pleaded guilty to attempted rape and sexual attack of a kid under 13, 3 counts of sexual attack involving kids, and other offenses. He was consequently sentenced in December 2013 to 29 years in prison plus six years of monitored release.Now, after being discovered in belongings of a mobile phone in jail, Watkins was provided an extra 10 months on top of the 29 years he’s currently serving, according to.Moreover, throughout his trial this week, it was exposed that Watkins concealed the phone in

his rectum. The founded guilty musician argued that 2 of his fellow prisoners required him to hold the phone as a method of getting in touch with women who sent him fan mail, and inquiring for money.Watkins even had the nerve to inform jurors that”you would not wish to tinker”his fellow prisoners at HM Prison Wakefield,

calling them “mass murderers, rapists, pedophiles, serial killers– the worst of the worst.”Actually, has he searched in the mirror lately?Lostprophets ‘profession clearly ended upon Watkins’arrest. The band had actually released five albums, and broke the Top 10 of U.S. mainstream rock radio with the single “Last Train Home”in 2004. Back in 2014, Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly teamed up with the remaining Lostprophets members to form the band No Devotion. They released the album Permanence in 2015.

Disgraced Lostprophets singer Ian Watkins gets more jail time after hiding phone in rectum Spencer Kaufman

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