Get great phone photo prints via apps for Target & CVS, MPIX and more

Reader Courtney of Denham Springs, Louisiana, wants to know about getting prints made from her iPhone.

“A while back, I used the Walgreens app to do this; but I was very disappointed in the results. The photo was printed glossy; there was no ‘matte’ option.”

Her question: “What is my best option (price+quality) for printing 4×6 prints from iPhone?”

Thank you, Courtney, for listening to the Talking Tech podcast and hitting me up on Facebook with a question.

Short version: You can’t beat the apps that let you send the print to CVS, Walgreens, Target and Walmart for immediate access of small prints. They’re cheap, they’re quick, you can pick them up at the store and you don’t have to pay those huge shipping fees.

That said, when you use this option, you get little to no choice. It’s glossy and 4×6 prints all the way.

If you want choices, look to mail order, and photo-specific apps like Shutterfly or, my favorite, MPIX.

You get those choices you wanted on different papers and sizes, but you’ll pay for it. The prints are affordable, at around 30 cents a piece, but the shipping will add up. On Shutterfly, I ordered 16 prints, and the cost to ship was $5.00, bringing the print price to over 60 cents a piece. (However, check for the frequent discount codes Shutterfly advertises to members, which often offer free shipping.)

MPIX is a pro photographers lab available to the public and has the widest selection of print sizes and types. Like the others, it has an app that lets you upload photos directly from your phone.

The shipping isn’t cheap at MPIX either, and you’ll wait a week for them to arrive, but here’s a pro tip: Order $35 worth, and the shipping is free.

By the way, there are several apps available to upload photos for store pickup from CVS, Target and Walmart. They’re called, 1 hour photo and Print Photos.

So that;’s the lowdown Courtney. Hope we helped. Thanks for writing into Talking Tech!

Readers, viewers, listeners—where do you get your prints made from your phones? What questions do you have about consumer tech? We’re here to help. 

Look for me on Twitter, where I’m @jeffersongraham, or feel free to e-mail me

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How to get great photo prints from your smartphone

Reader Courtney wanted to know about where to go for prints directly from the phone, apps that offered choices on print size and quality.


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