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For many fashion enthusiasts, September is among the most crucial months on the calendar. Not just does it herald the start of different fashion weeks, however it’s likewise when a lot of us ditch our summer season wardrobes and store for the new season’s styles.

However, our love of new clothing has actually become increasingly unsustainable. According to Oxfam, each week 11m items of clothes wind up in landfill. And current research studies reveal the textile market produces more CO2 emissions than air travel and shipping integrated.

In an effort to fight quick style, the charity has introduced Used September, a campaign that prompts individuals not to purchase new clothes for 1 month. To mark the event, we asked our readers to share the stories behind their preferred previously owned finds.


Michelle Ezeuko, 23, law student, campaigner and activist I like stunning people when

they understand this attire is from a charity store and it only cost ₤ 5– ₤ 3 for the pants and ₤ 2 for the jacket. I offer workshops and talk at panels about”hostile environment “immigration policies. I’m always speaking about how bad things are, so when I can rock up in my favourite clothing and look colourful and pleased, it assists me feel great about the work I do. It also throws some positive energy into the room. Yes, Primark is cheap, however I have actually had jumpers from charity stores that have lasted five years and are still in excellent condition. The only time I delight in shopping is when I charity shop. It’s a slower procedure, of course. You can’t rush it due to the fact that your dream piece might be anywhere. I hate shopping in high-street stores. I hate the rush of it, I hate that whatever looks the same and I’m going to pay loads of cash simply to appear like everybody else. < svg width= "32"height ="32"viewbox=" -2 -2 32 32 "class=" inline-share-facebook __ svg inline-icon __ svg"> Facebook < svg width="32"height ="32 "viewbox=" -2 -2 32 32"class =" inline-share-twitter __ svg inline-icon __ svg" > Twitter

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