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Get your pink on with our Raspberry Piña Colada Mixed Drink. It’s made with RumChata, white rum, piña colada mix, and fresh raspberries. Grab the recipe down listed below! Cheers!

Raspberry Piña Colada Mixed Drink

Our pleasantly tasty Raspberry Piña Colada cocktail will have you humming, “Cupid draw back your bow and let your arrow circulation, directly through my lover’s heart!” Or possibly not! Anyhow, your romantic scenario regardless of, this cocktail is 100% lit! So whip it up for an enjoyable woman’s night in or serve it up to your lover young boy or lady (no judgment here) as you’re preparing a romantic Valentine’s Day supper for 2. Nevertheless, you choose to commemorate Valentine’s Day you can’t go incorrect sipping on this yumlicious mixed drink creation. Believe me, have I ever steered you incorrect? See!

I invested a great deal of time in the dojo (my kitchen area) creating the ideal Valentine’s Day mixed drink creation. Naturally, I desired it to be something pink and creamy. And it needed to be simple to make since no one has time for complicated cocktails. I likewise desired something berry flavored and a little a surprise. I finally decided on an upgraded variation of a piña colada minus the pineapple naturally. This incredibly simple dish is what I came up with, and it is everything I wanted; it fasts and easy to make, it’s powerful, it’s creamy, and above all, it’s really berry pink! I did good y’ all, didn’t I?

This is one smooth cocktail with all the ideal relocations, and it will seduce you with its delicate velvety raspberry effectiveness. It has the coconut creaminess of a piña colada. Rather of the predominate pineapple flavor, I instead switched things up on ’em and went with the fresh raspberries, premium raspberry syrup; and simply due to the fact that I like to turn on the taste buds, I added some RumChata. Include all of these components together in addition to ice and shake up until your heart’s content. Strain this lovely concoction into your favorite mixed drink glass, and there you go. Don’t forget to garnish it with a heart-shaped marshmallow threaded with a long mixed drink stick and you have actually obtained a winner! Oh, and if you do not like raspberry usage strawberry, or blueberry, or whatever berry makes you pleased. Cheers!

Raspberry Piña Colada Cocktail

Valentine’s Mixed drink Idea|Raspberry Pina Colada Mixed Drink

Active ingredients:

For this dish, I am using a hack and opted for a premade piña colada mix, and it makes for brief preparation time. If your inner mixologist can not be limited then go right ahead and make your own piña colada from scratch using a mix of white rum (2 1/2 ounces), cream of coconut (3 ounces), raspberry juice (3 ounces), and a cup of ice (or use frozen raspberries). Put all the active ingredients into a blender and let it whip till you get a smooth consistency. That’s a lot of additional work, however I can’t stop you if you are a determined do-it-yourself kinda person.


Keep in mind to consume properly, and never drink and drive!

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