Teen Choice Awards Fashion

The Teen Choice Awards just passed and I have to say they are the most fashion fun in terms of the red carpet. The red carpet looks are always fun, flirty, and young (naturally). This year was no exception there were some stand outs and then some WTF moments. See the looks below.

I don’t know about you but I am not feeling this hair on Zendaya – at all. She looks like she’s trying to be edgy. The operative word being “trying”.

I like this look better. It is very her but that hair. Even Bey’s Drunk In Love wet look looks upmarket than this.

JLo was also there hunting for her next toy boy. Cute dress La Lopez.

Hilary Duff was in funeral mode. Remember there was a time she used to be one of the leading IT Girls? Ja neh.

Jordin and her Jason. She looked stunning and Jason well…looked like Jason. Have you heard Jason’s songs lately? Telling us lies about how Jordin is in bed – whatever dude the wildest this chick gets is missionary. Yes, that my assumption.

Demi Lovato and her zibhejeje performed. Lawd have a diet on her.

I am so for this look it’s crazy. If I was a fully certified shim I would rock this hard.

My girl Taylor Swift looked cute. Seems like she’s closing her legs to men these days. There haven’t been much stories about her and boys.

The Kardashians. They won an award for Best Reality TV. Kim looks stunning as usual. Kendall is channeling  working model. Loving how Kylie is growing into herself. Muy bonita.

How sexy, fun and cute is this dress. I love it and I rarely put the word love and Leah Michelle in the same sentence. Is she still dating that sex worker/gigolo/escort guy?

Selena Gomez went as plain as greek yoghurt.

This has to be my fave look. Nina Dobrev nailed it and hammered it some more.

This is what I call being too inspired,. Shay Michelle literally ripped off Kim Kardashian’s look from her Birthday. The nerve! The liver!

Teen Wolf and Modern Family played nice. Sarah Hyland her little Mila Kunis in her. to beautiful but that dress is for Mariah and believe me it’s not a compliment.

Which was your fave look?

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